Saturday, May 14, 2011


Got up and did a dump run, twice! Had to load up all of the yard debris that i have been working to get out of the beds, into the pick-up. Take it to the dump, with some of the neighbors stuff too. Then come back and trim some overgrown juniper bushes next to the front driveway, and to the dump again. They have been having free dumping of yard debris for the last week and today was the final day!!! t
They do this to prevent fires from getting out of hand and away from houses, you are supposed to have defensible space next to the house cleared away. This encourages people to clean up their property and keep fire damage down. You should have seen the MOUNDS of stuff, pine needles and cones and juniper limbs galore!!! Tons of stuff. there was a line to dump!! AND they had nice young men there to help us helpless women :) unload the truck!
Then we went to the movies and saw Brides Maids, it was pretty funny. It was a sold out movie.... Then back to veg out!!! Did not get back home until 6:30p
Take Care all!!!


  1. Good thing you rewarded yourself with a movie after all that hard yard work!

  2. This post is not what I would call a advertisement for home ownership :)

  3. Sounds like a BIZ-ZEE day! Must have been very satisfying though to get it all cleaned out.