Monday, May 23, 2011

This Day

Today on our walk i remembered to take the camera!
Spring has finally sprung on the High Desert!!!!
Green is bursting out. You probably have to click on this picture to see the blooms, but they are there at our house!!!!
Even the evergreens have little cones coming out and have new growth!!!
Daffies are still blooming, this one was alone BUT it was in FULL bloom!!
Have a HAPPY Spring day one and all...Take Care and God Bless............................


  1. Just getting caught up with you after having been down in a canyon with no internet for nearly a week. Congrats on the house. These are great spring pictures. It's so dry and dusty here in the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico that it was great to see green and flowers.

    What about that craig's list chair? I'd like to see that. Sounds comfy.


  2. I love the flowers. And that lone Daffie looks so cheerful.

  3. First rule always take the camera, second rule make sure the battery is charged. Looks like you got both right :)