Monday, May 2, 2011

Yesterday's News

Altho I know the Osama Bin Ladin thing needed to be done, i feel sad there is such jubilation at doing away with another being-BUT will they just hate us more and give them greater resolve??


  1. When my daughter texted me and told me, my response was - Is it going to change anything? We will always be "on guard" now, the troops are still over there, someone is taking his place. So I agree, 9/11 was horrific, but will his death change things. I'm glad I have not turned my TV on since I have been home, I got used to not watching it while I was on the road.

  2. I just saw on your book list "Tide, Feather, Snow". I really liked that book.

  3. I understand your feelings. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were celebrating the elimination of poverty, or of hunger, or homelessness, or hate? How nice to live in a world of peace, respecting each another, and respecting our Earth.

  4. My feelings exactly. I guess it did have to be done but what will the retaliation be?

    Actually we are so out of touch here in a COE campground in Tennessee, we didn't even know it happened until I looked up from trying to get my own blog up to date and read it on a blog I follow.