Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bills on the 1st...

We had RAIN today and there was snow in it...!!! All foggy and icky. Had to do the bills, banking thing. That is always such fun :(
Son, Brian, finally got a job!!! Yea!!! really happy for him, doing landscaping, again. Wish that would last longer than it does or he could find a winter thing too. But it is not going to be other than seasonal in this area, unless there is some construction going on. Just glad that he got something and his poor old mother no longer has to front him :). Maybe i will be getting something coming in now, do ya think?
Started sorting thru my stuff to start the packing process, wish i could say this is the last time i will have to move, considering my age one can only hope. A person certainly does collect the stuff!
Take Care all, God Bless

Welcome to Merikay, a new follower, the 1st in a long time!


  1. I hope you can soon change your background to a sunny image!

    It was cold and rainy here today as well. Can't believe it's june. We will be having a fire in the fireplace tonight.

  2. Thankfully, all my kids are on there own and making it. One needs a job, but I remain eternally hopeful. :) Moving is certainly a lot of work, but exciting all the same...

  3. I had to pay bills today and it's enough to make you want to cry. Is Luci excited about moving or does she get all nervous like my Skitz?

  4. Congrats on your son getting a job! It is always good when they are working. I am trying hard not to think about moving into a house. Sounds like a lot of work to me.