Thursday, June 2, 2011


Got boxes, tape and plain paper from u-haul for packing. Got 4 boxes of 'stuff' from the bedroom and craft room. Candles, pictures, candle holders, beanie babies :) Geez, don't think it will ever end!! BUT have deleted alot of things, that i figure i just don't really NEED anymore. Just always figure if someone takes the time to pick out and give me something, i should then treasure it forever. Some things not so much anymore. I really don't need all of those candles, someone else could maybe use them as i haven't in what, the last 4 years :)
Also went to pick up one of my brother's chainsaws that had some work done to it. They can't always make it to Bend, will take it down to Madras next time i go that way.
Things go forward....
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Every thing you eliminate is one less thing to move. I often find it good to put a sticker on things with a date, then if I do use them I put a check mark on it. If something goes more than a year without a check, it is easier to get rid of it. My spice cabinet is much clearer.

  2. Merikay has a good idea. Things sure do have a way of accumulating. Hey, we're suppossed to get some sunshine here in Oregon this weekend. Sure hope it's true.