Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ha.Ha, let me introduce "Carl" or more nobly known as Dirty Carl Wallace. He is an English Bulldog. He is my son's dog. The son is in McMinnville with a crew doing a landscaping job at some motel. So 'grandma' gets to sit him and all the associated bills apparently! He is a really good dog, does not jump on me anymore (he weighs 50#) will sit, does not pull on the leash, comes when i call him, unlike Luci. Who i might add is very put out when he comes to stay for any length of time! She pooped in the hallway yesterday when we came home from the groomer, don't know if she was mad or could not make it outside. So when he comes to stay it unleashes all kinds of things. He also snores, then holds his breathe, 'is he dead?' snuffles alot when excited, farts, snorts and sprays snot all over. You have to clean his bottom at rare times, and also his 'rope' that large flap of skin over his nose, daily... overall he is a rather disgusting dog, which thrills my son no end. AND he made more money in stud fees than my son made last year!!! Quite the accomplishment!
There u have it.... Carl, the sensitive sweetie :)
Welcome to Donna from Arkansas, who has no blog :(
It is nice/gratifying to know there are people out there who listen and are interested!!!
Take care all............and as Judy says....


  1. I was going to say that Carl reminds me of my older brother of the same name, but your description of Carl made me see the differences! :) While my Carl does not blow snot all over, some of the other characteristics are the same...

  2. That's quite a story about Carl!

  3. So ugly he's cute. I am on the internet through Mary Beth's wifi and I couldn't be happier. Maybe I will survive the week out here. I can't imagine that Luci would be put out and express her displeasure. How dare you bring another dog into her kingdom!! That's exactly how mine react. Good luck with Carl.

  4. I like Carl's cute little mug. It is amazing what happens to our pet when someone (animal or human) hones in on their territory.

  5. I loved your description of Carl. That's a face only a father could love, since he's your sons dog, otherwise I'd of said...oh, never mind. I think you get the gist.

  6. Wow! That is some dog...just don't know what else to say. You are a saint for sitting him and I can see why Luci is upset...just kidding, I'm sure he's a very nice dog...really...I mean it...

  7. This proves that there is a loving owner for every dog :)

  8. I laughed until I cried reading about poor delicate Carl. I'd send your son a bill or maybe send it to Carl. Especially if Carl makes more in stud fees than your son does does.

    Thanks for a great post!!


  9. Could not stop laughing! Carl is quite the beauty. I'd love the stud fees, but think I'll keep my pretty, quiet, sweet smelling (I don't think she ever farts!) Katie.
    You are very sweet to take care of Carl for your son, but I guess that's what Mom's do. :)

  10. Carl gets a lot of action for a gross, homely guy.