Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am Here!

Have been off line, in a field in Madras :) We had a wonderful family reunion. Lots of little kids!!! Pictures and more later. Bed being delivered this afternoon, TV will be hooked up, well it is hooked, but the big screen i got has to be "installed" hence i am able to be on WiFi. Have really felt disconnected from the world the last couple of days.....they are measuring for the new floors tomorrow, furniture delivered Tuesday, have to live in the garage for a bit, bit is is a nice garage. Dogs are all discombobulated and won't let me out of their sight :)
Take care all


  1. Good! Bed arriving, you'll be settled in no time. You have a good attitude about living in the garage. Hey, it's good you have a garage. Hope the dogs will settle down soon. Congratulations!

  2. Could you live in your rig for a while instead of the garage?

  3. I would definitely stay in the RV until you are all set at the house.