Thursday, June 16, 2011

In My House!!!

Spent a really rough night on the floor, had my mattress topper, but that did practically no good, this was poor planning on my part. Tonight will be in the RV in Madras. Be there for a couple nights as having a family bbq Saturday. then Sunday think i will get some help getting my bed to the house at least, which will be a good thing! In Bend today picking up more things and hope to get Carl another bath! He needs a weekly bath in medicated shampoo! Poor thing. His ears are much better tho, hardly shakes his head at all, the cortisone shot and antibiotics must be working.
Oh, and sleeping on the floor was not a good thing because Carl was right there with me, and Luci was NOT a happy camper. It was a bit much for her. They were confused being in a new place, no furniture, and new potty place!!! New sounds, there were barks and growls all night. AND with no covering on the window woke up at the crack of dawn!! And here i sit waiting for things to open :) What do people do? with no furniture, TV, nothing open, so early in the morning, yet another reason to sleep in :) I did go out and pull some weeds while the dogs did their thing. They liked it better if i was out there with them, sissies!!.....
Take Care All!!!!


  1. Good thing you had your computer with you! Is it more important that a bed--probably not. ;) It sounds like you will be busy for a while.

  2. I had my computer, Kindle and MP3 with downloaded books. But I agree, it's not enough. You need a bed and some furniture. And a TV is nice, too. Before you know it, all the things you need will be in the house.

  3. Glad to hear you are in the house. All things will come together but more easily after you have the bed and can get some good rest.