Friday, June 24, 2011


Just been getting one load after another, going from Redmond to Bend and back. Painting, painting, painting. Waiting on Lowe's for the flooring, making choices. And how does a person know what they will want, basically, forever on the floors?? That is HARD. The mail is not being forwarded, still going to the old place??? why??? I got the confirmation thingy saying it went thru.....
Chopped all the little trees out of the backyard, suckers from the poplar trees. Watered and it looks good, but now need to mow :) need to get a lawnmower.....need to get, need to get, am hemorrhaging money right and left....
And that is what i am doing right now............
Take Care all


  1. Better buy a lottery ticket fast to stop the hemorrhaging! :)

  2. it's all worth it in the end!