Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Just reading, putzing about, doing little chores here and there, inside and out.
Oh, i got a huge water container for the dogs as it seemed i was always filling up their water bowls and this releases water slowly as needed. Carl is scared of it. When it needs more water in the bowl it blurps or bubbles and more goes into the bowl. He does not like that, will stand and bark at the water container and will NOT drink out of it, will paw at his food dish and look at me and bark....guess i am supposed to jump up and fill the bowl with water? He drinks alot of water as he is 5 times bigger than Luci, and he will do without rather than drink out of the new bowl! I have sat there and played with the water and fed it to him out of the bowl and explained things to him, no dice. He is determined to NOT have any water out of that strange acting/sounding bowl :) It may get him. What a boy!!
Flooring material all here and they are scheduled to install Wednesday.
Take Care and God Bless All!


  1. Don't you just love it. Skittlez feels the same way about our electric heater if we have it on oscillate. Just freaks her out. Scooter goes nuts whenever Jim sprays water on the windshield or the rig. They do keep things exciting - those pets of ours.

  2. Dogs can be a pain in the neck sometimes! :)

  3. When does Carl go home??? (just askin')

  4. I am afraid Carl is home :) with Bri working out of town, then coming here on the week ends, think they have found a home....