Monday, June 13, 2011

Next Step

Lots today. Took Carl for grooming, Luci to trim nails, mailed packages, to the bank, picked up dogs, then signed ALL those papers, WOW, there are alot, i got a pen :-) Ha! Walked the dogs, Carl about expired from all the activity and attention, he is sleeping soundly now, not even snoring!
Should get possession by Wednesday was told. Boy have i got to get things together here.
Oh, and the freezer expired yesterday, so called to have someone come pick it up, lost lots of food! Tomorrow Carl has to go to the vet as he has some sort of allergy going on, he is such a delicate little thing, geez!!!
Take Care and God Bless All!!


  1. I read your blog almost daily but have not commented
    before. I do not have a blog of my own for various
    reasons but I read several daily.

    I have to ask--who is Carl? I must have missed his
    acquisition. We need a picture. Keep up the good
    writing; this world is an easier place if we share our experiences.
    Donna in Arkansas

  2. I'm also mystified by Carl's identity! :)

  3. Me too. Carl?? See we really do read the blogs and we hate that we might have missed something. Hope your move-in goes smoothly.

  4. I was thinking the same thing...who's Carl? And congratulations on your new home. Pictures...of Carl and the new home, please.