Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Four generations came to visit yesterday, my niece Sacia, her daughter Chloe, Her mother Karen and her Grandmother Pat or "Nanny".
The color of my walls don't show up very good, that is not really what they look like, the color is brighter and not so much a baby poop color. So everyone don't get excited. Don't know why it shows like that in the picture.
Got the living room done and the little weird room a lighter color but the same yellowish color.
Sister-in-law Rita came to help as did Jerimay another niece, we just zipped thru things. So i feel more ready for the floors. Which i don't really think will happen until next week. Have to go into Lowe's again tomorrow to finalize things. Can't wait, Carl, barfed in my bedroom this morning and sometime during the night pooped twice on the rug in the living room, geez, he is getting more and endearing........
Son Brian in 41 today, how did that happen? I remember that day so clearly too. It was HOT outside in the 90's that year and it was Father's Day!

Talon, Harley and Ruby Jo at the Saturday family bbq......


  1. Maybe Carl should get the honor of living in the garage? :)

  2. Super pics! Love the generations.
    Naughty, naughty Carl~

  3. Is Carl mad at you about something?

  4. Great picture of the 3 little ones in the wagon!! Bad boy Carl :(

  5. Put Carl in the Garage. You can't get new floors with him acting like that. No wonder your son pawns him off on you.

    Love the family photos.

  6. Carl, Carl, Carl...I see a doggy crate in your future...or a boarding school!!

    Great generational picture.