Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seashell Lamp

Here is the seashell lamp with the shells i gathered in Navarre, Florida last winter. Lamp/shade from Pottery Barn.
I mentioned this b4 and some wanted to see it when finished and i finally got the shells added.
Today is sunshiny day!!! Got the paint for my little furniture projects, cars situated so we have the FULL use of the garage for other than the cars and can complete projects and get the packing in a place rather than all over the house.
Also found another neat dresser on Craig's List today. Can't decide if it needs repainting or not. Will show pics of it tomorrow.
Things are progressing.
Take Care all, God Bless!


  1. That looks really nice Loree! What a nice reminder that makes - it will look lovely in your new house!!

  2. Cool shell lamp, and I love doilies!! :)

  3. Every time you turn on that lamp you will have all those wonderful memories from Florida. How neat. Nice to be getting all settled.

  4. How nice to have sunshine in the background instead of just a memory. I like the lamp.