Friday, July 22, 2011


Got the bookcase up. This may not be alot to some, but it is a major accomplishment for me. When i have a problem, i have to think it through and figure out how to go about it. I had 12 boxes of books sitting in the living room. Had to get them out of the garage to make room for other things :) So they were living in the living room. Good place, but in the way and not where they belonged! I had the bookcase in the other house, but it was not attached to the wall, the guy that put it in said it was not going anywhere with all of those books on it. But it leaned away from the wall a couple inches!!! and i always feared it would topple over. It could!
So, a way had to be figured out to hook it to the wall. It had a back, but just a flimsy piece of something, that fell off in the transport and decided i wanted it off anyway, liked it better that way, and that little backing was not going to keep it hooked to the wall. I needed "L" bracket with screws. AND i needed to find a stud to put it into!!! Was tired of pounding in nails and it would just go into drywall and not be sturdy. Off to Lowe's i took myself. Got a stud finder and the guy told me how it operated, they even have ones out as demo, so you can see how it is supposed to work. I read directions, and then took a while to figure out all the little ways it would or would not work. BUT long to short is that i found the studs, got the bookcase up there sturdy, then loaded it with books. I had gotten rid of many of them in this move and the one before also, and have been trying to NOT save ALL i get, they have to meet some pretty heavy requirements now to get a spot on my shelf. The Kindle has helped with that too. BUT i have to have books, still buy them, but am being much more selective. Is it one i think i will really need to keep forever or can i get it on the Kindle and just enjoy as i read? Don't have to have or hold or keep it forever.
SO, have gotten rid of many of the boxes by getting the china cupboard and the books in their proper places. I am happy. Things are coming together..... and not laying about
Now for all that craft/stamping stuff..... :(
Take Care and God Bless ALL


  1. I stopped by your blog today.

  2. Now on to reading more books. I finished reading Honolulu and liked it. I am on hold for his first book, Molokai.

  3. I have been passing the book you sent me around to relatives to read also. Do you want me to send it back to you when my daughter is done with it?