Sunday, July 3, 2011

Floors & Paint

See my cute little hutch for the dishes
The kitchen & the sun room are a shade lighter than the living area
which u can kinda see in the pictures here and the hutch is a shade lighter yet
which worked out really good, it is not all matchy-matchy
U can also see the purple dvd tower i painted purple :)
It is cute....
Today got the micro-wave and a crock-pot, found i did not have one, have a little one in the RV. Got a roast and did that up today too, it turned out pretty good.
Had a hard time finding a place for the micro-wave, it fits, sorta to the left of the sink.
Am still arranging things, so that they are convenient, which is hard in a little space, makes one be creative. Canned goods in the utility room over the washer/dryer, crock pot in the garage for now when not in use. Have got to get shelving out there, to organize, but it will all come along, just have to be patient, which i am short of :)
Note Luci in the chair....
Isn't the floor great tho??? I am really, really happy with it!
Take Care All


  1. That yellow sure is cheery, and sure brightens the place up! :)

  2. The floors really is gorgeous and the yellow makes everything really bright and cheerful.

  3. I love your new floors and your paint color!

  4. The floor looks great and I really like the little hutch.