Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Got another load of stuff moved today, last of the dishes, bookcase and craft table, and it fits in the sun room where i wanted it to go, have been really lucky so far with things going into the spots i planned for them. Got things unloaded, then painted the tall dresser with 5 drawers that i got earlier, after i painted the bedroom, it no longer looked so good in there, so it is now distressed purple with ball crystal handles. Why is it every time i go to pick out drawer pulls, i end up having to have expensive ones, the $1.98 ones never quite do. and u have to live with those knobs/pulls for along time!
Then Carl got all rambuctious and had his body half out one of the fence slats, so had to fix that, the turd!!! Good thing he is built like a linebacker up front and has a big head or he would have been right out through that fence!!! He also could not get a purchase on the ground or fence with his hind legs, they were just peddling in mid air, while he hung there and barked. Geez, Louise... Not paying any attention to me, i swear he is partially deaf, just goes about his business most of the time like i don't even exist, does no good at all to yell, may as well save myself the irritation.
Take Care All


  1. Selective hearing in dogs...I deal with that every day too. :)

  2. I really laughed picturing Carl with his hind legs just a going in the air. Too funny.

  3. MOVIE...next time take a movie!! That Carl must be something else.