Sunday, July 10, 2011


More of Sisters, aren't these poppies just glorious?
Love the color and shadows on them. Want to get some of them blown up to hang in my living room. the bright summery colors are something i think i could live with all year long.
And more quilts, how do they DO this where the quilts look like landscapes. can't get that somehow. They are just spectacular!!
If u have never been in the town of sisters, all the building, anyway the businesses in town are done like an old western town, false fronts and wooden fronts. Which look really good with the blankets in front of them. the Stitchin' Post, THE local quilt store has quilts hung on the front of their store most every day.

We are having a very slow day, leaving tomorrow, now that it is all over should probably left today, but when we were planning wanted an extra day in the area. so we are 'resting' don't know what from :-)
I went out and washed the rims on the RV and the front end, window and all and the car, was fun splashing about in the water, this afternoon when the sun moves around am going to put on some of the wax stuff i got and see if it makes it look shinery. Also put the seagull up again, not much wind and it is sort of hanging their, does not look too much like a real bird like that!
Think Luci and i will go for a walk.
Welcome new followers Gypsy Boho and Dean-o!!
Take care all and God Bless


  1. well of course you need a rest day from resting...

  2. Well you did all that walking around and quilt looking. You have to rest up from that.

    Do you think you could grow those poppies in your garden? They are really lovely.

  3. Those poppies are gorgeous. And rest is always welcome regardless of what you've been doing.

  4. Great photo of the poppies. The quilts are certainly awe-inspiring.