Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sisters Garden RV

Note the seagull kite in the foreground of 2nd picture, cool, huh?
Oh and not the little blue pickup, with all the dogs and wanting to go up to some of the creeks tomorrow, Deedee drove in my car behind me.
We are here for the World Renown Sisters Quilt Show on Saturday, but wanted to make a long week end of it, will leave Monday. just kicking back and relaxing... Bri will come get Carl tomorrow night, then things will be a bit calmer, and we will have more room. Poor thing he just can't help it, he is messy, thing RV will need a REAL cleaning after this week end. Dogs are being pretty good with all the foot traffic going by, they get much more upset when someone walks by the house.
This is a really nice park, we stayed here last year about this time, i think a week or so later. Used to be A KOA. All level sites, all asphalt and brick paver patios, picnic tables and fire pits, really green and flowers abound. It is nice and quiet, altho right next to hwy 20, it is not an interstate but there is alot of traffic, i think a bit more due to the festivities this week end.
It was in the 90's yesterday and today it is in the high 70's, so really nice, with a little coolness as we are a bit higher here than in Redmond.
It was good to be on the road, even for a short distance, but it was so short only about 45 miles, that i never got to settle down to a rhythm of driving, Normally takes about an hour to calm myself and get used to the difference from a car.
Everything is working a-ok, little fuss about the frig, as Deedee thought it should be be cool and it was NOT working, and it takes a while and there is no noise to it when running, but she would not believe that it would come along, just takes some time, and sure enough the freezer part after a couple hours was finally starting to get really cool....
Take Care and God Bless All
drive careful out there :-)


  1. That seagull kite really does look great in that picture. Nice looking park.

  2. Have a great time at the quilt show. I like visiting Sisters!

  3. Sisters quilt show always brings a crowd to town. I wondered about that RV park so glad to hear your thoughts on it. We thought the City campground was okay too. Have fun.