Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sisters Quilt Show

We left at about 10:30a to go the 1 mile to Sisters, and it took us about an hour!!! Traffic was backed up! They close the main street where hwy 20 goes thru and re-route traffic to the north of town. BUT we know to turn off to the left just b4 the entrance to town and go down Jefferson street a street that parallels hwy 20 and were lots of places to park. Once we got there, took pics of the mountains as we were waiting :)
This is a longer than normal post for me, with lots of pictures, but how can u have only a few...???
This is the back of some of the quilts, which are sometimes just as interesting as the fronts!
This is the end of the Stitchin Post where employees show their art. How do they do that? It is so beautiful. We went here to get t-shirts, posters, coffee cups- all the things one needs when going to the show...
This was a fav. love flowers! and this is a hard concept to quilt, so i am told, to put the squares 'on point'
This was one a woman made for her niece, all "The Beatles" it was great!
How do they DO this, it was more a wall hanging, but so wonderful, note the little pig to the left!
Once again they were all neat/wonderful to see, wonderful work, lots of work, and a joy to behold!!


  1. I would love to see all those quilts in person.

  2. Wonderful pictures. Love the artistic element involved with these projects. Not sure I could handle the traffic and crowds to see them in person!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. When I still lived in Virginia, I used to go every year to the Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt auction and the workmanship on those quilts was just absolutely amazing. Loved these pictures. Thanks.

  4. I'm sure glad you fought the traffic for us. I could not do it. Even though the quilts are incredible, the crowds and traffic would be the end of me. So thank you very much.