Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today got another load of 'stuff', then unloaded. This moving thing seems to be taking forever to complete, but with just me doing it, maybe it is going as it is going to go :)
Mowed the back yard and the front desert, does look better now, without the knee high weeds and dying grass! Laundry and watering what is still green out there just about rounds out the day. Had to shower as got all dusty and had dirt in places i don't want to know about. The mower has a bag on it, coming out the back, but still kicks up dust and bits and pieces all over the air and me!!!
So that is it, time to think about something for dinner, feed the dogs, read and a little TV and the day will be gone. It tried to rain, was overcast, but still warm out.
Take Care all

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  1. The large flower pics will look great in your house. Reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe paintings.