Sunday, August 14, 2011

ByGel Rails

Look what i did today!! Got the rails installed. Had to drill holes, pound in those plastic things for anchors and then put in screws, measure and everything. Thought i would never get done :) Put them in behind the door in the little sun room, which has become my desk for bills/crafting/computer station. In the top picture u can see the shelves i put up last week end. They just fit in there, thank heavens! Got a bunch of baskets to hopefully contain things on the shelves and i already had some too, so they came in handy. One more thing completed and things put away. AND i used what would normally be wasted space. Love using every space available!!
It is a feeling of accomplishment!
It is Sunday, have a good week everyone. Travel safe!
Take Care and God Bless!!


  1. I would say you accomplished a lot, Loree. Your rails, baskets, and shelves look great.

  2. Great job. A lot of work accomplished.

  3. Are you going back to Florida for the winter or staying in your new house?

  4. that's a whole lotta punches you have there!..quite the collection!!!

  5. Your shelves and rails are fantastic! I loved changing my second bedroom into an office/craft/sewing room and adding all that stuff to store things in. Have fun with it.