Thursday, August 25, 2011

Doc Appt

Yesterday had doc appt to meet the Doctor, Dr Archer, seems very kind and attentive. Have no objections to him. Hope not!!! I have met one or two doctors that i did not like right off the bat, would not have them touch me, so it was good that we sort of bonded and i felt a level of trust. Then today i had to return, fasting, for blood work. Went over to the Bend house and got some more plants to move to my place. Took some pics of the Holly Hocks, (they were at the beginning of the Canyon Trail in Redmond) i LOVE these flowers and have never had any luck in growing them, think i water them too much as i see them in places where they are basically neglected, altho these today had just been watered.
Maybe will go back and steal some seed pods later.....


  1. I love hollyhocks as well, and yeah, they grow here untended along the cabin. I know they are biennial and reseed themselves fairly well, and the newer plants usually revert to the common pinks. Some of my original plants were yellow powder puffs. Glad you are enjoying your place and your doctor!

  2. Beautiful hollyhocks - hope you get some seed pods. Glad you found a dr. you like. Hope all goes well for your planned surgery.

  3. A kind, yet competent doctor is a good find, indeed. I like the hollyhocks! And since we rode our bikes on the Canyon Trail a couple of times, I know the area you are talking about!

  4. Lucy, I'm so glad when I find another blogger. Thank you for reading and leaving such a nice comment on mine. By the looks of your Blog Archive, I've got some reading to do!!!-hobopals

  5. Love hollyhocks too. Hope you can get them to grow. I personally like flowers I can neglect. I'm a real expert at that!