Monday, August 22, 2011


There are grasshoppers all over the place, so needed a picture to share, on my weird iron man.
We got the wind chimes up and they are lovely. ODDLY i like them right outside my window, and at times they make a racket, but it is soothing.
Tonight there was a lovely sunset, bet it was stunning if you could see it and the mountains.

Look at this little guy, sitting on the nose of iron man.
I Slept ALL day, in this recliner, can u believe that? Did get the laundry done. Guess i must have needed it! Dogs right beside me.


  1. At first, I always enjoy the chimes. Then if the wind is steady they tend to be distracting. Always good to relax. If I sleep at all during the day, I can never sleep at night:(

  2. Glad you got some much needed rest. We have millions (it seems) of grasshoppers around and now the flies have arrived. I hate bugs.