Saturday, August 6, 2011

Metolius River-Lower Bridge

Was going to end with a 'Judy' THE END but got it in the wrong order :-) Doesn't Luci have the cutest little butt tho??
There was a good campfire and surprisingly it was really nice to have, down there near the blisteringly cold Metolius it felt good! These beans were stellar too!!!
Love the Ponderosa Pines, they were scattered in
with the fir trees down in this valley, but getting higher so they were less prevalent than the fir at this point. It was at the Lower Bridge campground that DeeDee's church group met for an evening picnic. They were a really nice bunch of people. The food was good, so the fellowship was wonderful. Dogs were all over on leash. One in the group, Sue was the camp host for the summer and we were at her site. There were about 20 sites, only one that would have accommodated a 32' RV, back-in. It is fly fishing only in this river.

This is 'the' Lower Bridge. Clear, clear water. Put your foot in there and it is immediately paralyzed with the coldness. For those of u who don't know, the Metolius is spring fed and comes right out of the hillside south of Black Butte 12 miles West of Sisters.
Don't know what this is, reminds me of the Queen Anne's Lace from the Coast, but pretty sure it probably is not the same. Maybe the same grouping? Love it.
We had a really nice evening and i did not get home until an unprecedented 10pm!!! Am sure had i looked in the mirror i would have turned into pumpkin!!!
Take Care all
It was great getting out in nature and clear clean air, invigorating :)


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I love the flower photo - they are all over where I am in Oregon, like weeds, but so pretty.

  2. Nothing like a nice campfire on a chilly day! THE END! :)

  3. When we come back to your area again we'll have to go to that spot! Nice pictures!

  4. Tell Luci I think she has a great looking tail end. Glad you got out in such a lovely place.

  5. Luci is adorable from either end. LOVE the Metolius. We had a trailer parked on the Metolius at Cold Springs Resort for a few years in the 90s. Beautiful river - but COLD! Sounds like you had a great time.