Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today i cleaned the house. get a canister FULL of DOG hair each time i vacuum!! Can u believe that? I can't, i mean really..... The to Bi-Mart to get more cleaning supplies, needed PineSol, and Pledge. Just have always cleaned my floors with PineSol and LOVE that smell!! Then went to treat myself to a pedi, LOVE those too and we have the greatest place right here in Redmond Ola Spa. Will have to get pictures of that place, it looks and feels so new age, with the color of the walls and their texture, papa-san chairs (oh, you know, those big round things with the heavy cushion and cushions at your back). Then they have BIG leaf shade over each chair, bamboo fixtures and fittings, It is just a cool, relaxing place. I felt the need for some pampering :) and my feet are so smooth and callus free and relaxed, by being chaffed and scrubbed and pummeled. I am happy...
Take Care All....take care of yourselves


  1. what a special treat after all that vacumming!!!..nice pretty toes!

  2. Cute, stress-free toes, Loree!