Saturday, August 27, 2011


Love this car!! It is near my brother's place and the lady there does this every year! Must take alot of petunias!!!
Wheat looks good! See in the background, can't see smith rocks hardly at all...

Yes it was really HOT in Madras. It is smokey all over, 3 fires burning in the Warm Springs area. Can't see the mountains or anything. And smelly.
AND the RV won't stay running, the battery is not charging at all. Brother thinks it is the alternator and going to get someone to work on it! It is just one thing after another with that thing, getting a little disenchanted with it!!!!
Luci was SO hot, she is so close to the ground, the grass is all burnt down to nothing in the area where the RV sits as it gets no water there. Had to get her i the house and give her water, poor thing!
Did stop by the Saturday Market and got some good produce, even garden tomatoes which i LOVE! and fingerling potatoes and lemon cukes!!! Yummy!
Happy Day All!!


  1. I worry about taking the girls out when it's so hot because of their little paws. At least there is grass and not asphalt or sand which helps. Poor little ones. As much as Scooter likes the heat, she doesn't stay out too long these days. Seems like everybody is having problems with their RV's. Woody had two blowouts in the last week, John and Karen lost their converter, and several other people I've talked to. It does get discouraging at times.

  2. hang in there!..hope tomorrow will be better!!!

  3. Went to the farmer's market today too. We were at different markets, in different places, at different times together. :-)

    Sorry to hear it is so hot and so smokey.

  4. Oh, lemon cukes....haven't had them in a long time. Used to grow them every year in my garden. Too bad about the fires over there. Hope Luci stays cool.