Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank You

Thank you all for reading my blog and showing an interest.

Went to a Stampin Up workshop this morning and made five, yes, five cards!!! LOVE to do that, feel like i have accomplished something, even if it is just copying what is put before you :) And a person gets to talk and socialize a little, meet new women/people. It is a 'good' thing!!
I got the dogs to that degree of relaxation as they are both lazy, as am i, and i took them for a walk, which does all of some good!! See the neighborhood, which is normally pretty darn quiet except for the dogs we disturb behind fences. what do they just sense that another is walking by? But i must say Carl does a big 'do' and it is not the most pleasant of chores to pick it up. It is an entirely different thing to do so with a shovel, than with a plastic bag! Just sayin'

Also have had my fan going non stop for days now. Am sure will shudder when i get the electric bill. Again, just sayin' It may be a good thing for it to maybe cool off a might, just so we don't have to have the fans on day and night.
Also went to JoAnn's, like Micheal's only they have fabric also for those of you not in the Pacific NW. Got Lord only know how many basket like things for the shelves in the craft room to contain all the items i have, rather than have them spilling hither and yon all over the shelves. Doesn't look too awful, so will have to now open more boxes and see what i have hidden away that i need to have close at hand :)

Hope that works and i can make it all come together in a pleasing manner, so people will think it looks nice rather than, OMG!!! Look at all that STUFF!!!!
Have a good day all
Take Care and God Bless
Tomorrow is Friday but that does not hold the allure it once held for me, maybe becuz anyday can now be Friday :)


  1. Those cards look great! It IS a good thing for you to have an outlet like that. Always fun to do crafts with like-minded folks.

  2. TGIF--every day! Your cards look amazing, Loree. Good job. Stay cool!

  3. nice job on the cards!..wish I was as talented as you!!!