Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Am missing home, you know you want to leave and do something different, then can't wait to return to what was old shoe and familiar. Apparently Luci is sleeping on the couch, won't sleep with Carol, person house sitting for me :) but will sleep all curled under a blanket on the couch, by herself..  Hope she won't stay mad at me and will resume her old habits. Janmarie doing much, much better, tomorrow, we have a half day in court, then a doctor's appointment, hope she holds up.
Got out for a little walk with Stella today and it was really nice out there.
Take Care All


  1. That's why taking your home with you is so great!
    You never have to miss it!! Best to both you and Janmarie.

  2. Luci will eventually forgive you but they have to let you know they aren't happy for awhile.

  3. I am sure she will return to her normal self quickly when you get home:)