Friday, September 9, 2011

Another week

Well, just the 'normal' things. U know clean house water yard, take care of dogs, in and out, groceries, reading, sitting in front of fan......
Lunch with friends on Thurs, Today had sleep study consult, made appt for 10-9 unless there is a cancellation prior to my leaving on the 18th. (Am leaving to care for a friend in McMinneville who is having a knee replacement, her 2nd one. ) Boy am going to have to take my camera to the lab, they put all of this stuff on u then say have a good nights sleep, geez, right, that sounds fun. Have a procedure on 10-5 where they do a scope thru the throat to the stomach, ick, at least i get drugs :)
AND i have lost 9# but am hungry, now normally would have given in by now and not put myself thru that anguish :) like i have EVER REALLY gone hungry in my whole life, BUT figure there is something on the horizon, which is the surgery itself to, well, sort of look forward to, so there is light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Mind over matter and i don't suppose i will expire due to a little hunger...
92 here today and it is warm!!! dry!!!
Take Care all
oh, haha, brother can't actually find the altinator on Bonnie Bounder unless he gets under her and in the dirt, apparently and in the heat he has not gotten to that point of exploration yet... oh a note, Bonnie is in her 'spot' in the field of dry grass (he did cut all the grass this Spring tho, so it is not all grown up around her, as soon as it was cut it dried up and died, the grass, not Bonnie) and dirt. Supposed to get cooler the end of next week. He is off work as the woods are closed in Warm Springs do to the dryness and the fires.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss, Loree!

  2. 9 lbs. - that's great! Keep it up girl. Jim wears one of those contraptions to bed when I remind him. He really doesn't like it but it really does help him sleep better. Me too, cause he doesn't snore.