Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well, today was Carl's bath day, the day he was so bad smelling, i HAD to bite the bullet and take him in and 'just do it'.
Luci has a little bed beside my chair, next to the wall and has taken to just going in there whenever. I lose her and go to looking and there she is! All cozy in her safe place. With her blanket.
On the way back from bathing decided to come home a different way. So went to Subway, then to Tumalo, over to Cline Falls. Sat in the shade and ate, then took the dogs for a walk around the park area. It gets alot of local use. Not too many many know about it. but it is right on the Deschutes River and a small place. We used to always go there swimming when we lived in Redmond eons ago and for picnics. It was a nice place to sit and watch the water, no this is NOT the Falls, you have to hike quite a ways further down the river to get to them :)
It is nice outside, but not so hot that it is making it uncomfortable inside the house. Have not had the fan on for a number of days now.
Sherry from "In the Direction of our Dreams" wanted to know how cold it was. Well, that day i almost froze and was dinking with the heater it was 53 in here. It has gotten down to freezing a couple of nights, there is a guy just down the street that has quite an extensive garden and he had to cover up things. I like our little neighborhood here, it is right in the midst of of some places that have acreage and the road even narrows to one lane just beyond my place and also one street over. It is like a space of a couple blocks that did not get developed or people would not sell or whatever, but it makes it sort of rural too right in town. They don't have any farm animals or anything, not that there would be something wrong with that, but they don't, just big gardens. Gives me hope that it is possible to have a garden here and herbs and lavender. Can't wait to get started on all that next year!
Well, have to go get some groceries, so have to go
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. We drove through the Cline Falls park when we were in Redmond, but we wondered where the falls were. We didn't see a sign. We probably wouldn't have wanted to go for a long hike in the hot weather anyway.

  2. Your neighborhood sounds very nice. But freezing temps in August. Wow!

    The picture of Luci is darling. Wish you had one of Carl with suds! I think Carl is cute!

  3. Yep, those baths are necessary. We are just really getting into a schedule with Halley. At least she does not run for the hills when she realizes what is going on:)

  4. Must be a job to give Carl a bath. Luci sure looks cute with her blankie.

  5. Freezing weather already? Yikes, it seems a bit soon.