Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Day Out

2 1/2 # tomato
More tomatoes!!!
Trumpet vine...
Took some time today when Janmarie was napping and Patrick was here to oversee, to go to Rickreal. About 20 miles from McMinneville. Friend Carol G was there visiting her friends, Dick & Sandy, who have a large farm and huge garden with ALL kinds of produce. It is always such fun to go to their place as Sandy could make a stick bloom! I swear!!! All kinds of birdhouses and statuary. so i get LOTS of pictures. Saw a snake....EEEEK!!!!! so did not go to that part of paradise! Brought home tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, prunes, oh, my!!!! The tomatoes are sooo very good when right out of the garden. there are all kinds of flowers, and Fall was in the air. It was a good time with good people!!
Take Care All!!!
Oh, Janmarie is doing really well, took a shower this morning even!
Stella Luna weighs 3#.. and that is a bit chubby for her :)


  1. That is one huge tomato! Nothing better warm adn fresh from the garden.

  2. I've never seen a tomato that big. Makes me wish I had a garden.

  3. Wow - that is one gigantic tomato!!!

  4. So who is watching the pups if Carol is in Rickreal?