Tuesday, September 6, 2011


After a Looong night last night and a couple hours this morning i finished the Grisham book! Am also in the process of reading the second book by George R R Martin 'A Clash of Kings' i started watching the series on HBO, then no longer have HBO, so decided to read the books. Have had a hard time. Sometimes i have a hard time with sci-/fantasy which is what it is i think. Dragons and weird creatures and lots of battles and indiscriminate gore. Never could get into Harry Potter and tried Lord of the Rings. But could never 'get' them. Romance, some mystery like Sue Henry ( have a hard time with that too as my mind does not work that way and even when spelled out, i never understand how they got to where they did in solving) high adventure (Wilbur Smith) with lots of history thrown in. A good story will grab me, no matter the genre. Have read all of Michener and Leon Uris. Time travel, Diana Galbadon is excellent!!! She is so inconsiderate as she only puts out a book every two years, yes, you have to wait TWO years between books!!!
Oh, i could go on and on. LOVE, love. love books and my Kindle :) Altho i am torn as i like the feel and heft and smell of a book, the mystery in the words and pages. The flipping back and forth when u miss something, which u can't do on Kindle. I like to underline phrases, passages, write in the margins. Mom did that too and we enjoyed reading a book after each other, made quite a mess out of some of Michener's books.
The Grisham book is a good triste on the death penalty. And how the 'system' works, heavens i hope not this bad, really?? You have to have faith in the 'system' It has worked for a good long time, but gets warped/twisted at times i am sure, in trying, what? to be fair at all times. It moved right along as Grisham tends to do. And wouldn't be quite so compelling with a different outcome.
Have a good week.........


  1. I still prefer books. I get them from the library all the time and that's what I'm going to continue doing. If you like mysteries I'd be happy to share some of the authors I always read. I lean towards female authors and there are some great ones out there.

  2. I have read about 19 books now since I got my Kindle. I love Michener as well, but was really bummed because I couldn't find "Alaska" anywhere for the Kindle. I wanted to read it while Alaska was fresh on my mind, and of course can't even imagine lifting the real book!

  3. My husband is a big sci-fi guy and just finished Martin's new book, he had to go back and re-read all the previous ones first . I really like mystery and romance. I find life is challenging enough that I love to have a happy ending. I love that you have a list of what you are reading. I often browse it to see if there is something new I should check out. We do love our kindles.

  4. I still prefer books because I always underline passages that I want to remember. Started doing that in college and continue to do so. When I look back at books I critiqued long ago I find that I still like the same underlined parts today as I did back then. It seems most of my friends have a Kindel and love them. Maybe someday.

  5. Y'all have to remember that you can bookmark and underline and all that good stuff with your kindle, just like you do with a real book. Me, I'm so hooked on my kindle, I practically won't read a book unless I can get it on kindle! And the best part is I don't have to worry about a book with small print anymore because kindle can adjust it perfectly for my old eyes!