Saturday, September 17, 2011


Getting ready for my trip and stay in McMinneville. Had to have one more picture of the desert, i love this time of year and the colors. Will get some mountain pics to share when i travel to the valley.
Yesterday was spent driving my brother around town while he was waiting for a friend of his to take a CDL test using Jerry's truck. AND looking for things! Did find the jeans i had lost, right in the drawer!! But seemed i could not SEE them unless i took everything out of the drawer. Don't know how many places i looked before resorting to the take everything out phase. Will i never learn. then found the acrylic blocks for stamping, they were in some unrelated place. what do u think when packing up things? U start so organized then just start jamming things in here and there, or so it appears :) Still have not found all of my crochet needles and need them for days on end in court waiting on my friend. I mean it is interesting but after awhile my mind and soul goes on overload with all the sad pathetic stories.
My niece sent me darling pictures of her daughter, now 7 months old!!! Crawling all over and pulling herself up. she is a happy baby!
Till later, Take Care all and God Bless


  1. Had to chuckle because I have the same problem finding things. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Are you planning to take the RV south at all this winter, or will you be enjoying your new house?