Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Successful Surgery!

Here is my friend, Janmarie, the one who had the surgery. Knee replacement, her second one, the other was December 2009. This one is going really, really well, she was actually chipper!!, altho the drugs and femoral shot had not yet warn off. We will see tomorrow! She may even come home tomorrow, just have to see how she is doing.
I spent the day waiting, then keeping her company till 6:30p when boyfriend showed up and took over :)
Take Care all!


  1. Anybody who can smile this soon after knee replacement is either high on narcotics or nuts. lol I am really glad to hear she's doing so well. Some people really have good luck and others it takes forever to get better. Keeping our fingers crossed for your friend.

  2. You are a good friend to keep her company.

  3. Glad your friend's surgery went well. She's blessed to have a good friend like you. K

  4. Glad you friend is okay and surgery went well.