Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wagon was right in Sisters, had to stop to get some money as remembered i left with $2... that is not really going to work??!! Then got some huckleberries. Love them!!
It was a really nice day for a drive, lots of traffic, tho, people going back home i would imagine for the next work day. But just followed along, Listening to Stevie Nicks and looking at the sights. PRETTY woods, not much going on tho, colors have not turned yet, of course, and flowers are all done, River is down. Just sort of waiting for colder weather i think. Luci was not happy to see me out the door, being left behind, will miss her.
Janmarie has all kinds of food cut up, an put up ready for her time out of commission, so at least we will not starve! Heaven forbid.
Take care all.....


  1. Our leaves haven't changed yet either and the river is really low. Hard to believe that it was running over it's banks this spring. Be safe.

  2. We're really looking forward to the colors of Fall, too! K