Thursday, October 27, 2011


Am doing really well with my bipap. Went to the inhalation therapist Tuesday and he was pleased.  After reading the directions, Yes, that does have info in it!!! U have to wash the mask every day so the plastic stays 'gooey' and will affix to your face. Then it just takes adjusting, sometimes more than a couple times during the night, to keep it where it is supposed to be, with no leaks. Luci is getting used to it :)  as am i. Have raised the humidity level double to what they had it set at and i seem to be comfortable with that.  Am waking without a sore throat and the 'fuzzy' feeling i had most all the time in the morning is gone, Yea!!!!  That was such a part of my life i thought it was normal to feel that way!
SO, this part of the whole process has been worth it. A person gets so used to feeling the way they do, that they don't think it is anything but normal. At least that is the way i was.  So, if u think things are not exactly right, my advice is to have it checked (and i know there are many, many people that do not have access to medical care.  Feel very fortunate that i do. But i did work for it, it was not thrown at my feet. Also pay almost $900 per month for it)
That is another thing, WE on Soc Sec get a raise of what? 2-3% after two years of not getting a raise, BUT health insurance payments are more than taking that away again. U can say the Lord giveth, but He also taketh away :)
We (yes browbeat the son into helping) did get the foot of leaves bagged up, will take a picture of the back of the pickup to show and tell!!! Amazingly did not take too long, overall.... and it was nice outside, even had to take my sweater off!!
Take Care all and God Bless


  1. So glad the machine is working for you. Jim doesn't think it makes any difference in how he feels but I do. He seems to have more energy when he uses it. So will you have to do the leaves again or did you wait long enough?

  2. I may have to look into being tested. I do wake up with a sore throat quite often. I'm glad that the bipap is working well for you, Loree!

  3. I think that quote should be "the government giveth, and the government taketh away (more than it giveth!)"

    Glad you are feeling beter with your bipap.

  4. Glad everything is working out with the sleeping system. Not sure about the word gooey in the same sentence with sleep:)

  5. Actually raking leaves in about my favorite form of exercise. Guess you can tell where that puts all the rest. :-)