Monday, October 24, 2011


 This is my house this morning, the 4 trees in the backyard get more beautiful as the days go by. Think i am going to get tired of picking up all those leaves tho :)  They are even more golden than than they were this morning!
 Sunday i had brunch with a bunch (7) ladies at one of their houses.  We eat and then play dominoes, talk and talk.  We do this at a different person's house every month.  The summer time we take off.  But it is a fun get together and catch up time.
 These were just trees along the road, aren't they pretty?  I swear this year we have an abundance of beauty around Redmond, Oregon!
 Here is my niece, JeriMay.  We went to Madras to visit her parents today.  Stopped at Crooked River Gorge and bridge on the way.  I like to stop every now and then, walk out on the old bridge halfway and spit!  We are always driving by and decided to take a break and walk a bit and look. Luci stayed in the car.   It is a pretty dangerous place, many dogs have been let out of their car, off leash and jumped right on over, not knowing there is nothing on the other side of the waist high rock wall, then a 200 foot drop, straight down, whooeee!!!
Here am i with the railroad bridge in the background.  There is the railroad bridge, the OLD bridge, which i can't believe we drove over for years and years, it is so narrow, and the new, wonderful, WIDE bridge...  This is Peter Skene Ogden Wayside, named after an very early explorer of the area.
It is awesome to see.  It was soooo cold today.  Worked on the RV. I need to get an RV blowout valve or fitting for the freshwater inlet (?) rather than put the rv antifreeze stuff in there. Still working on the battery/alternator thing, AND NOW i have a flat tire on the inside rear passenger side, geez!!!  Does it not ever end?
Take Care All!!!


  1. I think spitting is an important talent. :)

  2. Loree, if your trees are like our yard trees, they will be about the last ones to let go of all their leaves. Ours put down a few at a time, so you have to clean them up for a long time!

    I remember that old bridge, too. We used to drive across there when I was a kid. We were over there and across the new bridge a few weeks ago, and it's nice. It's been a long time since we've been over that way.

    If you will send someone over to rake my leaves, I'll send someone over to rake your leaves. How's that for motivation?

    Hope the sun keeps shining for a little bit longer. It's cold with this wind, though! Stay warm, and enjoy!!

  3. What's the tradition behind the spitting? And no, issues with the RV never end. Just ask Judy. I love that picture of Luci looking out the window waiting for you. She is so pretty.

  4. Looks like you two had a very nice day. It is pretty tiring that the RV issues, like any house issues, just seem to keep on coming.

  5. I like to look at the changing colors of the trees in the fall, but hate raking the leaves.

  6. It's hard to believe that it was so cold there today. When we were at that spot in August, it was too hot to walk out on the bridge. Pretty trees!