Thursday, October 6, 2011

Squabble Over Beds

<---This is a poor picture, but is just to show size, all around!

Did not get the furniture back exactly right after cleaning yesterday and Carl "found" Luci's bed, SHE was not to happy.  Have got the chair back where it's supposed to be so he can't get in there  :)
He had to go to vet again today, has a bad ear infection and getting a skin rash, so he needs a bath tomorrow... So he gets to ride with me to Bend for my dental appt, try to kill 2 birds u know, and don't have to drive the 20 miles twice...
He is surely scrunched up to fit in that bed!!!
(don't u LOVE those floors?)
Take Care all and God Bless.....


  1. I bet Luci had a real fit when Carl was in her bed. And he is just a hoot. Good luck with the ear infection. Our Scoots gets them on a regular basis.

  2. Oh Goodie a blog with a picture of Carl. But poor Lucy. Can't you shoo him out of there? Does he have his own bed? Maybe Lucy should get in it and that would tick him off. I love your blog's new color and font. What are they? I didn't know blogger even had anything this cool.

  3. Dogs are sure funny about beds. One of ours always wants her bed only and our boy dog loves any dog bed. Carl sure looks funny all scrunched up there.

  4. The floors are beautiful!

    Carl has such a hopeful expression on his face. He's really cute, you know? In his own way. :)