Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Leaves fell in my yard today- LOTS of them!  It is rather bewildering, don't know what to do with all of them. Guess will have to get some of those huge black garbage bags and start bagging!
 I think Carl is bewildered too!!!
I did rake them all to one side in a huge row.  Saw him out there, walking through them, sniffing..... Probably wondering where to do his job...  :)
There are many different looking ones, thought all 4 trees were the same, they look the same, but the leaves are definitely different. Some are larger than my hand!
They just started coming off, it was like snow.  Couldn't catch with the camera what was happening.  A couple inches deep and many, many of them. Different sizes and colors, nature in it's bounty. Surely there should be something to do with them.  have used them in the flower bed as mulch and to winterize and protect from cold.


  1. Carl does look bewildered! Lots of different colors on those leaves...nice. We mulch our flower beds with leaves.

  2. Eugene is nice because they have street crews with loaders and trucks that come through the neighborhoods and pick up leaves piled by the curb. They put out a schedule, so you know when to put your leaves out. No bags, they just want a big pile. If you suck them up with a leak blower using the bag on the output side, and the blower as a vacuum, that will chop those leaves up a lot and you can put lots more into a bag if you have to use bags. Good luck!

  3. I think they're pretty. I don't mind these beautiful leaves on my lawn. It's also supposed to be good for the grass as compost during the winter.

    Others are out leaf blowing and bagging... I say, it's Fall and it looks beautiful.

    Down with bagging and blowing... bah

  4. Ah...to be free of the job of raking leaves! You seem to be making the very best of it though.