Sunday, October 9, 2011

New and Old

Got this at a garage sale Thursday for $10!!  I was wanting something like this here in this space, which is a little hall thing coming from the garage.   Think it brings some light into the space or at least reflects light from the kitchen window. AND it gives me a place to set more "stuff"

Here is friend DeeDee with her new dog, Ryan!  He is two years old, his former owner could not keep him at her apartment as he tends to bark alot.  She also got a new car, in the background.  A Kia Sorrento, midnight blue, nice car!!!
And this is on the back road that i take from Redmond to Bend.  Have been wanting to stop and get a picture of it for quite awhile and today i finally did!!!!  Rather than just speed by.  It is neat where people all over the country find places to 'fly the flag' and show patriotism.  I find it very heartening.
Take Care all!!!!


  1. Ryan is a cutie. How do he and Luci get along? You and my sister - she can always find these wonderful things at garage sales and just knows how to make them really work. Some of you just have the knack.

  2. That's a good garage sale find. Looks great.

  3. More stuff is good now that you have a house!

  4. I really LOVE your garage sale find. If I were there I would snatch it and run and hide!
    No just kidding. Finders keepers losers weepers. sobsobsob