Saturday, October 22, 2011


Could NOT get a seal on the face mask last night, i appear to huff 'n puff while sleeping with my mouth open. Am sure it is a sight to see! It was miserable. Will have to read the directions to see if there is something to be done.  Took it off about 2:30a!


  1. Jim has nights like that. Some go really well and others he ends up ripping the thing off and leaving it off. Not sure what the difference is caused by. Good luck with it tonight.

  2. Same for Russ...sometimes it works better than others. He adjusted his head straps and that seemed to help. He also got a new mask that covers his nose and mouth and he likes that better than the nose mask. Good luck.

  3. My dear friend, bless his heart, wore his for probably a month or two with the mask on upside down! Couldn't figure out why all of a sudden it wasn't feeling right on him. He always was mechanically challenged :(