Saturday, October 29, 2011

To Madras, To Madras

 To buy a red hen :)
Had a great visit! This is the chicken coop my brother built, has 3 hens and 1 rooster, the hens quit laying, don't know why.
Got the RV winterized, 'blew' out the water lines.  Had a charger on the battery for over 24 hours and it started, so was not an alternator problem, thank heavens, just low battery, new battery, but guess they don't stay charged if just sitting! Which i did not know. Learned it with my car tho, as it was deader than a doornail after sitting at home for 7 months :) Suppose all batteries are the same, and Bonnie sat there since July. She was not happy, just have to get the tire fixed now. Brother is going to move the RV over to where he works on the log truck and take off the tire and take it to get fixed or replaced. Nice brother!!!
 We use the RV for xmas eve gathering, just plug her in and start the heater! As at that time of year it is ass bitingly cold in Madras!!!

Brother Jerry also has two horses being boarded at his place, Arabian stallions, they are rather small horses. Makes his mare crazy to have them about, she is tearing all over her separate pasture.
We also viewed a dvd that a cousin made for us that had Mom & Dad on it from 1986 and 1991. They are both gone now for over 5 years, which seems impossible in itself.  It was SO good to see them and hear their voices.  We laughed and cried. Jerry said it doesn't get any better than that.  Why, oh why, did we not do that ourselves through the years.  Do the video thing. You so take it for granted we will all be together always and we are in an ethereal way. BUT it was so GOOD to see them
Take Care and God Bless All!!!!


  1. I agree about enjoying the old videos. We had all our old silent 8mm movie put on DVDs a few years ago. I didn't realize but some of the old movies were my Mom and Dad's (they've been gone for over 20 years). I was surprised to see them on the videos.

  2. the hens are probably molting their feathers. They don't lay in fall and spring while molting.

  3. tu madras, tu madras. I thought you were speaking Spanish and asking for your mother. :)

  4. We had chickens for years and Nan's right. Their batteries die down in the winter too. LOL.

    I really do need to get all our old family videos onto DVDs. I guess you can do it yourself but I haven't a clue how and when I checked some years ago on having it done it was expensive. We have TONS from the years our daughter was little and then we just stopped doing it. That was a mistake as you've pointed out. With these new cell phones folks take videos all the time.