Saturday, October 1, 2011


 Which one is Wilber?  They ran over really fast, sort of scary :) Probably expecting some food..
 These people were all decorated and ready for Fall.  They had a freezer in a little lean to by the fence/road and prices of meats available and a drop box for the money. Some expensive cuts of meat too!!
Love pictures of churches. And this one was a little community church, looks fairly older.  Tumalo is a small farming community NW of Bend on the Deschutes River, by Tumalo State Prk.  There is the Tumalo Feed Company there too, they have great steak dinner and cowboy fare,  baked beans and what not.  Good, family place to eat. Set up like family dining with Oak tables and chairs, the waitresses used to wear period dresses of the early 1900's, but don't think they do anymore.  Had many birthday dinners there.  Went to Tumalo today for a Saturday Mkt but could not find it. BUT there was a cute antique store that had LOTS of older linens and a little country store where i got some squash to cook and another farm tomato!!


  1. A farm tomato - that would be more than enough excuse to go anywhere for my hubby.

  2. That sounds like a nice place to visit, even without the farmer's market. Good pictures!

  3. A farm tomato sounds delicious. I love fall but hate the end of the tomato season and the end of farmer's markets coming too soon.

  4. Nice pictures of a nice area. We used to camp at Tumalo SP when the kids were little. Many happy memories there.