Monday, October 3, 2011


Went to Prineville today to visit a friend. Took Luci with me for the ride.  It was a nice little trip.  Rained a little, but that just brings out the color in the wood and trees!  They have 4 acres just out of town and a nice little garden.  I worked with her for all of my 30 years with the State, so we always have LOTS to talk about and have a good time.
Weirdly, I had never been to the viewpoint just before Prineville, so went there and it was a neat place, lots to see.  Did NOT take a picture of the extensive roofs of Les Schwab that sits just below.  But there is also a golf course, which was interesting from up there. AND liked the rock wall, of which there are rocks in abundance around here!!!!

 Also went to a quilt store called the Quilt Shack, they had LOTS of cool things, going to make this little cute quilt for my grand, niece!!!  Can't wait to get started, maybe this will be the boast i need to get started creating again!!!

And saw this neat mailbox and fence!!! on the back way back home,  fence made out of old irrigation wheel and pipes!!!  what a neat idea to reuse something no longer needed or functioning, re=purpose at its best!!! AND it would keep things in and out, don't u think, It went on for a ways too, lots of work there.

Have a good day all, even in rain!!   Take Care and God Bless........


  1. Love the view. Bet Luci had a great day exploring with you.

  2. The quilt is'll have lots of fun working that up.

  3. Cute quilt that you are going to make for your grand niece - she will love it!!

  4. Nice pics Loree - although I wouldn't of minded seeing the expanse of Les Schwab - he is sorely missed in the midwest!