Monday, November 21, 2011


 Today made cafe' curtains for the sun room, kitchen and bathroom. Big navy blue checks.  Brian put them up for me. Thought that would make him more a part of the decorating. he has been grousing that not many of 'his' things are in the house. He seemed to think they were ok....
(oops, please ignore the mess)  This is one of the things have been wanting to get done prior to the holidays...

Also finished and blocked a baby blanket that i completed.
It is grey outside... once again, BUT no precipitation..that is a good thing.
Found the special seafood dip at Costco, different packaging, the sorry souls, why would they do that? My brother LOVES that dip. Just have to do the little grocery shopping for fresh veggies for the dressing and will be all ready for lift off..........
HOPE everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Guess I missed something along the way. Is Brian living with you at the house?

  2. I don't think Judy meant anything with her comment, just that she missed that he lived with you. Your curtains are really cute. And I love your suncatcher. Now I have to try and find me one.

  3. But it's your house so I think the way things are in it is your choice. The curtains look great.

  4. I cannot say I know much about curtains, but glad you got some you like ;)

  5. Hi, I just discovered your blog (found it from Gypsy Boho's site). Wonderful! I look forward to reading past posts and 'catching up'.
    -- Jool

  6. Love that crochet baby blanket. Beautiful work.

  7. Great curtains, great baby blanket--you've been busy!