Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cute Arm

Is she trying to help? or just in the way? Such a cute little arm!!!
I had ONE trick or treater last night- a 2 yr old Darth Vadar, almost worth buying all that candy for, gave most of it to my niece :) So now i know that there is no need to bother in future years :)
Life is a continual learning experience.


  1. I am sure she is trying to help, but not sure how she can type without looking at the screen:)

  2. Sorry to hear about no trick or treaters but I'm sure your nieces were really happy about it!

    Looks like a little laptop love to me!!

  3. She didn't fall asleep on your lap(top) did she?
    Not many kids in your neighborhood is a good thing! May The Force be with you!

  4. HAHAhaaaaa .... Luci Luci... she's jealous of the computer taking up your time! You need to be attending her... Hahaa

    dang animals... my cat walks across the keyboard and causes all sorts of peculiar things to happen...

    I had no trick or treaters either... bought a huge bowl last year ... no one came so didn't bother this year. This is our second year here...

    Shame kids can't play like we used to... mean people in this world who hurt little ones seem to make the rules... sigh

  5. The "arm" is just too cute. You know Murphy's Law...this year you buy candy and only get one and next year you won't buy candy and they will be pounding your door down!

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. How cute is that??? Such a cutie!

    I didn't have any trick or treaters either, here in Zion. :)