Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day b4

Was just going to have Wordless Wednesday, but decided i was more wordy than that! :)
Phone stopped working,  Just said it was cancelling, WTH is that??  for over 24 hours for goodness sake, and that the sid card was removed and it was NOT. So had to run to Sprint.  keep forgetting to take out the battery which resets everything.  That is all the salesperson did and now it works, i am happy. Crisis averted.
Now i am going to go make some molasses cookies for the son. He has been grousing that i never cook anymore... well, yeah, why? when i can't eat it.... so for the holiday, my big concession, just have to NOT any :(....  Have a HUGE turkey to do tomorrow, and family coming over.  Weatherwise we are going to be pretty mild, that is always good, that family does not have to travel in a blizzard. Everything is picked up and put away, floors are clean, i am ready.
May you all have a Blessed' Thanksgiving


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving and eat lots and lots of turkey. That's the part of the meal that's really good for you. But those cookies sure do sound good.

  2. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to two of my most favorite people - Loree and Brian!! Love you guys : )

  4. molasses cookies! Happy Thanksgiving ;)

  5. I really sympathize with how difficult it is to cook when you don't want to eat. Hope your son is mighty thankful for you today!