Monday, November 28, 2011

another day

I got nothing,  Have not blogged for awhile as nothing really going on, just life.  Made all the phone calls was supposed to make today rather than procrastinate. Laundry consisted of bedding, changed out for winter covers and sheets.   Took dogs for a walk, we have added on another block!  That is a good thing. Two days in a row, wahoo.... weather has been mild really, strange. Made turkey tettrazini for dinner and son advised he does not like dark meat. Well, geez, how did i not know that?  Beggars can't be choosers and that was dinner :)  sucks to be you!

Take care all..................


  1. Not procrastinating is GOOD. Long Walks are HEALTHY. Clean sheets are SNUGGLY. Tuna Tetrazini is YUMMY! And your attitude about your son's advice is GREAT! Sounds like a very productive day to me!

  2. Ha Ha! Adult children can be a challenge at times. :) Turkey tettrazini sounds delicious to me. Sucks to be him!

  3. It's what's for up or not, your choice!! Good for you to keep up with the walking.