Friday, November 25, 2011


Well, first off, we had a lovely meal and visit. Just four of us Brian and me, brother Jerry and sister-in-law, Rita and a niece showed up later.  We looked at old family photo albums and talked, laughed, cried. It was a good time. AND i think since there are less than 12 of us now, i don't need a 23# turkey!!!! EVERYONE took home LOTS of leftovers.
But while fixing the dressing i grated the first knuckle of my right hand middle finger. Boy it bled like hell for the longest time!
THEN, me and gravy do not really get along. Don't know what it is. BUT this year there was a recipe in the paper, i followed it, strictly, using cold water to mix with the flour even, all was going well, it was even getting thick, went to put in some pepper, wait...  wait.....  yes, you guessed it!  The top came off the newly cleaned pepper shaker plopping perhaps a half cup of pepper into my first ever just about right gravy!!!! OMG what to do???  Quick got a spoon and started dipping it out!!!!  It was sort of all clumped together in there and that seemed to work pretty well, no one complained, thought it was good, and it was almost gone.  Of course u have to realize that quite a bit went out with the pepper..... But all in all it was a save.
Today went shopping, but did not get up until 9a, so was not there for the early morning doorbusters and missed out on some sales, i will survive. Traffic was even bad by the time i got there, can't imagine what it was before. Well, i can as i have been there, done that... Now i am older and wiser :) and not sleep deprived.
Now we are going into the Christmas Holiday Season everyone take care on the roads out there and watch the weather!
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Dispite the mishaps sounds like you had a great day:)

  2. I've done that with a couple of different spices. I'm glad you were able to salvage the gravy!

  3. Jim makes the gravy at our house because his is soooo much better than mine. Hope your finger is okay today. A little blood in the food is always a bonus, you know.