Friday, November 4, 2011

Xmas Bazaar

 Christmas Bazaar season has started.  Snowflake is the 1st and one of the largest. Lately held at the Deschutes Co Fairgrounds. It has been around for 36 years!!  Could not believe the sign when i saw it.  Remember when i went to it in the old Presbyterian Church here in Redmond.   Always lots of neat home made things that u look at and think u could do that yourself.  I bought a couple samples of crocheted things that i am sure i could duplicate!!!
 These little guys were the cutest things.
 And i loved these guys, looks like they were made out of an old bedspread maybe?
They always have neat little things and some bigger items. Lots of stocking stuffers and xmas ornaments.  It just goes on and on.  Even had a separate room this year for just jewelry. Western items, things made with horse shoes, old barn wood and barbed wire, lots of bird houses. stuffed animals.  This year there were things from Peru made of alpaca, it was so soft.  Couple years ago they had Fair Market Trade items/baskets from Guatemala.  Got two of those.  Lots of snowmen, angels,  handmade dolls, plaques, pictures (painted and photos)  Then they have the mixes for dips and different roasted nuts, jellies and jams, soaps and bath salts.  Smells like Christmas.  Christmas music is playing.  It is the 1st time for all of these wonderful, homey things.  People are cheerful, even while standing in line to pay for half an hour.
Love these birdhouses and benches, i got one that is made of barn wood in the shape of a church, has a little sign on it "Whispering Hope", suppose i should take a picture of that to show :)
It was a great time, wandered about for 2 hours!!!  Just thinking and dreaming and listening to the music, people and smelling the smell of Christmas.
It is very cold here, but clear skies, the promised snow did not materialize as it so often does not East of the Cascades.
Take Care All and have a Happy Holiday Season with all the things that make u happy!


  1. Looks like a fun place, but I cannot think about xmas yet ;)

  2. I am totally in the mood for Christmas crafts and I'm already working on some. I would have loved to visit that boutique. I like to steal ideas, too, and see how much the items go for.

  3. Way too early for me. I love Christmas but I want to enjoy Thanksgiving and turkey and all that fun stuff before I really get into the Christmas spirit. But the craft shows do have some wonderful things.

  4. Me too! I want Christmas in December not November. But I really enjoyed seeing your pictures of the crafts and cute things I can't have in my small living space any more. Nice window shopping. Post the picture of the bird house please.